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Sell Your Home

Yorkshire Home Buyers can buy your home at a fair price based on its current market value. We cover all the costs of the house sale including legal fees and valuation costs and once our offer on the house that is for sale is accepted, the money will be in your bank in just days or weeks (depending on the plan you choose) rather than months or even years on the open market.

Selling your home through us eliminates a lengthy and stressful experience that selling on the open market can bring. It also eliminates agency fees or any threat of the house sale falling through. Housing chains can be fragile and volatile with many people involved. We provide a secure and stress free way of selling your home. We make will make you a cash offer for your home and provide a quick and easy route to complete your sale.

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Release the equity in your home

Do you have a lot of equity in your home? Does that represent a large amount of your money simply tied up? A quick sale could be the answer to this – instantly releasing your equity and leaving you with a large lump sum of cash that is at your instant disposal. If you are retiring, or downsizing your home this can give you the freedom you need and the cash to pursue your dreams and enjoy your future without the hassle of a lengthy and time consuming sale.

Divorce and seperation

A separation or a divorce can be the cause of major upheaval, emotional disturbance and stress for anyone. Divorce or separation is a situation in one's life that causes a lot of instability and emotional anguish. Complications, tension and stress levels also increase. When property ownership is also part of the equation it can add an extra headache to proceedings. However we can help relieve that headache. Rather than dragging out a sale over months we can ensure a cash sale in days! This can allow for a much quicker and cleaner break which can benefit all parties involved.


Property inheritance can be very problematic due to both the timing of the inheritance and the location of the property - not to mention the emotional issues usually involved with an inheritance. As the inherited property can be situated a long distance away this can make selling the property difficult. Managing that property, visiting the estate agent concerned with that property and dealing with potential buyers can become difficult. Furthermore there can be issues with the upkeep and maintenance of the property if it is left vacant for a long period. We can alleviate all those problems and buy the house in question making for a quick and easy sale.


In this economic climate times can be hard and if you have fallen on hard times and are struggling to make ends meet then property repossession can be a major worry for some families. By ensuring a quick and easy sale of your home you can release the equity in your property and ensure that problems never get to the point where they are insurmountable. Rather than facing repossession, you can ensure a cash sale of your home.